Mission & View


We believe that we can find suitable answers to the necessities and forward challenges.

Radman Sanat Company is going to be the best one in terms of quality and the unique on in terms of technology services in the field of research apparatus and pilot units in strategic industries in Middle East till 2020 A.D.

According to capabilities of company and market necessities, Managers and experts are going to make “Radman Sanat” as a unique and reliable brand in mentioned fields in Middle East till 2030 A.D.


World technology markets are familiar to the name of “Radman Sanat” in 2035


Mission of Radman Sanat Company

1-    Technology market, leading and strategic industries are Radman Sanat’s customers.

2-    Radman Sanat constructed Pilots and instructive-research apparatus will be distinct in terms of quality and technology.

3-    Productions of Radman Sanat are up-to-dated and with the latest world standards.

4-    Personnels of Radman Sanat are responsible, specialist, loyal, cooperative and moving toward company aims

5-    We respect innovation that results to be pioneer and superior and this company attempt to gain this aim

6-    Continues learning and improvement have the key role in business and we believe that our stable success is due to being familiar with up-to-dated knowledge


Possessions of Radman Sanat are responsible personnel equipped with up-to-dated knowledge


Policy of Radman Sanat Company

1-    Respecting customers and stockholders privileges

2-    Discipline, sympathy and Honesty in workplace

3-    Sociable responsibility and sustainable maintaining of resources

4-    Knowledge-Base Manpower developing

5-    Innovation in production


Maintaining our business is depend to have satisfied and loyal customers and responsible to their obvious and latent necessities